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Oreo Zone (ORE.v) schedules a webinar

Next Monday, July 12th 2021, Oreo Zone’s CEO and facilitator of insider trading does this:

Orezone will host an investor webinar on Monday, July 12th at 10:00 am PDT / 1:00 pm EDT to provide a corporate update and discuss the construction and development activities at the Bomboré Gold Project.

Seeing ORE.v put “provide a corporate update” before the usual marketing soft soap and happy smiling photos out of Bomboré is interesting. After all, it’s precisely the office-based corporate mistakes, lies and deception that saw the ORE.v share price run the day before the company released positive drill results last month. The illegal insider trading at ORE could not be have been more obvious, shines necessary light on false pretenses and all the touchy-feely marketing bunkum in the world cannot hide who you’re dealing with: Vancouver thieves and sharks who’d sell their own grandmother for a profit. These people rip you off the same way as Frank Giustra does, they just smile at you while doing it instead and last month was a prime example of their self-serving mentality.

So sign up here for a webinar potentially worth your time, as in a perfect world we get decisive action from a boss that has investigated a weakness and removed the bad actors from his company. However, this is Vancouver junior mining and the CEO is likely as guilty as the rest of this disgusting example of business practices, in which case next Monday is more likely to be another lesson in sequin-throwing. As hope springs eternal, I’ll tune in just in case ORE actually decides to do something about its squalid corporate morality, but not holding my breath.

Vancouver Drinking Pals. Fire them all, Paddy. Rescind all the contracts now, Paddy. Be the difference, Paddy.

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