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Orezone (ORE.v) momentum

Once upon a time, insiders at a popularly traded stock decided to get greedy and rip off their own shareholders. Then afterwards they pretended nothing happened, refusing to address shareholder concerns over the obviously illegal trade patterns. Instead they stuck their fingers in their ears and reminded us all about how good the CSR is, how nicely they treat people.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.


    Ok, I can buy your talk about insider trades! But:
    Is it something personally about Ore?, there are a lot of examples!
    Are you certain that this goes all the way up to the top in the company?


      You are under the impression a junior exploreco has multiple layers of business hierarchy.


        Ok, sounds reasonable they have just one layer, so someone is doing this dirty trades. Agreed.
        Is it something personally about ore, after all there are lots of examples?
        Which company can you trade and be sure there aren’t any insider benefits from insider info?


          You think you’re in a chatroom. Are you going to get frustrated when I don’t answer? If you so, report me to the moderator.


    Joru -ORE was a company that the site owner was fond of until he wasn’t for the above reason . It gets personal when one’s own cash is devalued by scoundrels . I bailed on the call to dump , thankfully . So why don’t you advise some examples of the many illegal insider trades that you refer to.


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