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Orezone (ORE.v) more zone

It’s getting to the point where these things become so freakin’ obvious and the bullshit so blatant that the elephants in the room go un-noted even by this humble corner of cyberspace, I’m skipping over outlandish consequences of the pisspoor quality of work done in the mining sector and taking them as read when they really should at least be documented somewhere. So after a few mails yesterday and today, plus the realization that few places other than IKN are crass and basic enough to do the job, here’s a short follow-up post on the Orezone (ORE.v) resource revision yesterday that makes the two points that need to be made, concisely and clearly.

1) HEY, ANOTHER SRK TORONTO MESS! We out here are losing count of the number of poor resources signed off by this office. The potential for a company-killing malpractice suit is now looming large.

2) HEY, NICELY TIMED FINANCING! Hey, have lead brokers RayJames and NatBank come out with the same type of damning report we saw from BMO (dropped to 75c tgt, dropped to mkt perform)? No? Whyever not?

And that’s enough.

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