Take physic, pomp

Oroco Resources (OCO.v) runs a financing and…

…reader ‘EB’ took the words right outta my mouth, it must have been while he were kissin’ me. Here’s what EB wrote, word for word as he’s kindly allowed me to publish it here:


I am coming to you to double-check that my opinion that this is a typical example of “bad financing” is true. 


While I know that you probably get bombarded with emails like these I
would just like to ask, is this even legal? For the management to reward
a newsletter writer like this? Or is it simply just something us
shareholders need to deal with in this market and
try to avoid to the best of our abilities?

In fact my own reaction was more…

[i don’t swear any more]
 …because there are so many things to unlike about the way this placement has gone down, including the way it’s been blithely welcomed by an unsuspecting flock of newbie mining sheep, that this humble corner of cyberspace doesn’t know which is the cruddiest. A placement which states, loudly and clearly, “serious money please stay away”. 

UPDATE December: IKN Nerve Centre notes that Mariusz’s site has developed a fondness for this post. For the record, I’ve discussed OCO in better light and gone through my errors on the trade in The IKN Weekly, we’re allowed to get one wrong. In fact, we’re allowed to get loads wrong as long as the winners work out. Meanwhile, I am open to your mockery of my bad trade, it is deserved. It won’t be the last one.

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