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Oscar Zuluaga, pants on fire

The big problem that Colombian presidential candidate Oscar Zuluaga has in the run up to election day Sunday isn’t that he’s been caught using illegal wiretapping to gain advantage. That’s the small problem, the big problem is that he’s been caught flat out lying about it all because he denied all knowledge and repeated his “no no no” message right up to the point when the video of him doing exactly what he denied doing was released in Colombia. Hilarity ensued.
Here’s the latest on the fallout from it all at Colombia Reports, with the person who filmed Zuluaga now coming forward to tell his story and explain why he decided to record the whole thing. And here’s how it starts:

An ex-campaign worker for presidential candidate Oscar Ivan Zuluaga who filmed his former boss being briefed on allegedly illegally gained information claimed on Monday that he had been hired as part of a “cyber attack” team against President Juan Manuel Santos.

Full report here

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