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OT: The Block

I didn’t watch game seven. Although I’m not averse to watching a game or two on occasion, including my daughter in her school team (she’s not bad, thanks for asking) I’m not a basketball fan and my appreciation of the sport is strictly amateur hour.
But I know sporting greatness when I see it, my stars. 
Lionel Messi scoring that goal against Getafe. Roger Federer nailing that between-the-legs winner to set up a Grand Slam match point. Secretariat in the Belmont (2:24!), Dancing Brave in the Arc (“But here comes…!”). You Gretzky or Jágr people will have your cherished moments, you Tiger or Golden Bear people others. The list goes on, they are the reason we adore watching all sports, those moments when it transcends to art and leaves us breathless.
LeBron, stand up.
Taken from this Youtube, sent to IKN Nerve Centre this evening by a kindred spirit who will remain nameless. LeBron James, sir, I doff my cap. True sporting beauty.

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