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OT: The Hateful Eight (no spoilers)

For what it’s worth, I saw Tarantino’s new movie ‘The Hateful Eight’ last night. For context I’m a Tarantino fan and I’ve seen all his films to date, it wasn’t a tough decision to go.
It’s wonderful, the three hours zoomed past, all Tarantino fans will love it, many Tarantino agnostics will finally see the light and be converted. And there are so many things to like; the plot, the camerawork, the dialogues, the acting by the main players, plus typical Quentin doses of quasi-ironic blood (no spoilers in this short review, but it’ll come as no surprise to say that things don’t turn out well for the cast, or that the film isn’t children’s viewing material). All that said but I must pick out one element above them all; Samuel L. Jackson is magnificent and manages to stand out, even in a roomful of great performances.
So, go see it. Top movie. Reco ends.

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