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Maybe IKN is better at squiggly lines than its author imagined. Here’s what we wrote about Fortuna Silver (FSM) on November 16th, that came 1) a week after we warned IKN Weekly subscribers that all was not well, then 2) the Monday after one of the worst car-crash conference calls on record and 3) four days before the company’s own “First Law of NRs” admission about the depth of issues at its San José mine in Mexico:

“Check out that Monday morning low on volume, because if it breaks watch out below.”

That “Monday morning low” was U$3.74 or so. Two weeks later and…

…probably just coincidence, innit. And before signing off, a little eddycation for you: The market term “bagholder” gets bandied around a lot these days and, as a result, gets used slightly out of context by people who don’t know its origins. So to mark your cards that red box in the chart above is the real-deal in visual terms. Bagholders of the World, Unite! You have nothing to lose but your margin privileges!

PS: Turns out I did FSM a favour by publishing before the U$3.25 close.

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