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Otto’s weekend freestuff

Free free free! We love free!!!!!! Here we go:
This one is free for you and it earns me a commission from the publishers, so get educated and help maintain this site at the same time. It’s a quality White Paper report, too (I don’t offer no trasho, y’know) published by Adobe and called “Rapid E-Learning: Maturing Technology Brings Balance and Possibilities“. You learn why more skilled learning professionals use e-learning tools and you can get solutions to keep pace with your business demands. This offer is for USA and Canada residents only. Here’s the link again, so there’s no excuses.

Next freebie is this report on junior miners that screens hundreds of them for good cash-to-market-cap ratio. Excellent source material.

The final freebie today might surprise some regular readers. Antal E. Fekete is an economic theorist who is highly esteemed in the goldbug community. I was pointed to this report last night by Lucas over at Trend&Value, and after my “Aw gawd, not him!” complaint and his “just read the report, then moan” reply I downloaded this paper written by Fekete dated November 4th 2008 and entitled “Revisionist Theory of Depressions (can it happen again?).”

It’s a very interesting and intelligent take on the current crisis, and although I don’t agree with some of his argument, other parts are certainly two or three cuts above the normal tosh written by the goldbug community. So here’s the link, and have a read yourself. Twelve pages of not-too dense script and perfectly accessible for the non-academic (e.g. me). Excellent food for thought and thank you for insisting, Lucas.

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