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Out now, the latest edition of Global Mining Observer

The latest edition of the wonderful AW’s wonderful Global Mining Observer has hit the streets. Find its top stories here on Altius and here on Arizona Mining (which I particularly liked).
But you don’t need me for all this, the way forward is to get a free sub and get GMO straight into your inbox. Do that on this link.

UPDATE: Oh this is fun! Here’s what Tommy Humphreys of CEO.ca has to say about the GMO article on Arizona Mining:

 “Provocative, misleading headline and one-sided article”

Because if there’s one thing that Tommy Humphreys, two-faced scamster and purveyor of paid-pump bullshit to greenhorn idiots, knows about, it’s provocative misleading headlines and one-sided articles. GMO should wear it as a badge of honour.

PS: To fully understand Tommy Humphrey’s petulant little outburst, three items to consider:

  • Richard Warke is Frank Giustra’s pally pal and business partner.
  • Tommy Humphreys is Frank Giustra’s poodle.
  • Tommy speaks up when given orders from his owner.

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