saucy doubts and fears

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“The prosaic truth is that this is just another of the nasty regimes
that persist in parts of the world. Eritrea is a one-party state with
no elections, has had no functioning civil society since 2001 and, with
at least 16 journalists currently behind bars, is ranked bottom of 180
countries assessed in Reporters Without Borders’ press freedom index.
The regime sows paranoia and uncertainty, leading to divergent views
over how far the limits of free speech can be tested.

“A recent UN inquiry on human rights
described extrajudicial killings, torture, arbitrary detentions,
enforced disappearances, indefinite military conscription and forced
labour. Its report found “a pervasive control system used in absolute
arbitrariness to keep the population in a state of permanent anxiety”.”

Full report here.

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