Take physic, pomp

P.T. Barnum PhD has out-done himself this time

Quinton Hennigh, the man who has worked out how to exchange subeconomic discoveries for millions of dollars, is teaming up with Luis Saenz. This can only mean he has no abilities in the Spanish language and has never spoken to anyone worth knowing about the wretched excuse of a person with whom he’s happy to get into bed with, all for a few more directorship fees. Saenz has been blackballed by Peru mining society for the stunt he pulled at Quiruvilca, he is the untouchable executive in this country, which is probably why he’s been trying to sell himself in Australia for the last year. It seems to have worked, he’s teamed up with P.T. Barnum PhD, the failed geologist who has finally dropped any pretense of real exploration mining, who with this move has made it clear to anyone with the slightest knowledge of Peru how mercenary he is willing to be by touching the untouchable. Assign zero trust to anything Hennigh says or does in the future, all he wants is the money and that could no longer be any clearer if it were stencilled on his forehead.

This junior, Mantaro Silver, will be pumped expensively into its IPO and then die the worst of deaths. The reason is Saenz and you have been warned.


    As an Aussie group from Perth once said,

    Its only a scam if you’re not involved


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