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Paging Frank Giustra

I got this from a turd of a reporter today. And as mentioned on Twitter earlier, if forced to choose a side between Frank Giustra (matt wilkinson asshat, please note correct spelling) and The Sun, I will side with Giustra every single time.



Hi Otto,

I hope you are well. I am a reporter from The Sun newspaper in London.
You have probably seen the news reports the house in Vancouver used by Harry and Meghan the Duke and Duchess of Sussex is linked to Frank Guistra.
That means there is now traction and demand for copy and stories about who this guy really is and how he really makes his money.
So a contact of mine has referred me to your excellent blog to find out more regarding Guistra and is cohorts.
I am extremely interested in any “pump and dump” figures which evidence exactly how his companies stock has risen and the timings at which he sold his stakes.
Would you be able to help me? Do you have figures I can read and refer to?
I think you probably possess the level of detail that would be extremely helpful in my reporting on Guistra.
Many thanks,

Matt Wilkinson
Senior News Reporter
+44207 782 4100

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