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Paid Pumper Predictions: Gerardo del Real will suddenly go quiet on Almaden Minerals

Despite being on its payroll for years, this humble corner of cyberspace now confidently predicts the one-sided blather and biased nonsense spewed by the smarmy Gerardo del Real about Almaden Minerals is about to get rather thin on the ground. Why so? Maybe, perhaps and perchance, his convenient silence is connected with the date the company has with Mexico’s Supreme Court on January 19th as, after literally years of legal battles by locals who hate everything Almaden does, plus a mining company that has faked good CSR to you naive gringos that’s a total crock of lies (while behind the scenes trying everything in its power to avoid its date with justice), the two-faced liars in and around the company are about to get their just desserts. And their concessions stripped away.

Don’t believe me? Ask Gerardo, see if you can get more than “no comment” out of the paid pumper.


    This has nothing to do with Gerardo, but you occasionally list charlatans here on the blog. Well here is my contribution. Don Durrett….cheezuz, he should be high up on the list.


    @Gringo: you mention Don Durrett here; I’ve seen a few of his videos, what’s the story with him as a paid pumper?


      I never wrote he was a paid pumper. He might be, I don’t know. I wrote charlatan. Much like James Turk, always bullish on PM and high flying targets that are never met.


    And when I’m at it. This one could be the worst of all:

    King world news.

    Ûber super bullish on PM for more than 15 years and counting. A pure propaganda site.


      Thanks, Gringo. I definitely agree about KWN; I remember him from like 15 years ago. Tuned out pretty quickly.

      I’m not sure about Durrett, but uber-bullish is a bad sign. He’s always seemed quite rational and stated his assumptions up front. Whether he’s correct or not, time will tell.


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