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Palamina Corp (PA.v) and transparency

The thing with a junior exploreco is that all it’s really got is a story. The story can be good, bad, indifferent, based on solid or even exciting hard data or perhaps just wing/prayer spiel, but its chances of success are wholly dependent on that story being good, transparent and trustworthy.
Take for example Palamina Corp (PA.v), the exploreco currently doing South Peru that decided the best way of getting its story out was to hire paid pump newsletter writers and pay them in cash, options or a combination thereof. That for me personally is a red flag and you might have a different view, but what we probably can agree upon is the red flag moment when the company quietly drops its VP Exploration from the roster for no apparent reason and without so much as a “other matters” paragraph in a news release. So why has Don McIver’s name suddenly disappeared from the management roster page on the website and why has he been replaced as the QP in the news releases, leaving PA.v without a VP Exploration? After all, an exploreco without a VP Expl isn’t much of an exploreco…

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