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Pamplona Trader, The King of Twitter

Pamps, you are coming across as a real jerk:

  • You haven’t even met Bill Sheriff
  • Your reading comprehension skills are poor
  • Your use of cuss words interjected into somebody’s real name is a loud message about you, not him.

Cut yourself a slice of humble pie, else it’s your turn next. Your right to judge others disappears when you talk complete balderdash and try to pass it off as fact.


    A Somewhere 19/06/21 6:45 am

    “Coming across as a real jerk”

    Mark, are you familiar with the phrase “people shouldn’t get stoned in glass houses”?


      Ah, going for the drug addict angle, are we? IKN trolls and their fantasies about my failings with violence against women, securities fraud, sex with children, the booze, etc are just not enough for you. You’re the special and clever and original troll, you need to get another angle going. Bless you.


    Hi, Mark. I’m a fan so not trying to start anything; just genuinely curious. After cooking Golden Predator shareholders with that Orion deal with the devil and then playing make believe that he was going to build a credible reinsurance operation with Till, I’d be grateful to hear your insights around Bill Sheriff and why you feel the need to defend him. Not on the socials, so I don’t have the first clue about Pamplona Trader’s opinions nor do I care. Keep doing your thing.


    Greatest trader of our generation. His Regulus call and Compass Gold made me millions


      And you enjoy blaming your losses on others. Pamps may be acting as a temporary jerk, but you are a permanent loser.


        His nighthawk pump was just as good as your Rye Patch Tier 1 pump before it nearly went under…


          Ooh, you poor little thing! You have a list, don’t you? All the people who made you do bad things! Bad internet! Nasty, nasty internet!


    Your lack of self-awareness is astonishing. Or maybe it’s just that you think you’re doing the lord’s work, so when you did it it is fine. Hey, is bill sherriff racist like all the others (that you have never met)? Mr. ad hominem himself is calling someone else out. Clown show, as usual.

    Fred Netherlands 21/06/21 6:40 pm

    Guv is very insecure. Mega beta.


    Pamps is the guy who said inaccurate things regarding Rio2. Alex Black responded and Pamp blocked him.


    LOL, you’re taking a stand for Bill Sheriff? Bill that dliuted Tigris Uranium by 10 and through it acquired his failing useless Wolfpack Gold venture as soon as possible and for the last 10 years has ridden what you’ve called the dilution gravy train, that keeps his dog-and-pony shows running. Oh my.


      Reading comprehension is not a strong point among Twitter morons, is it? Must have been too hard to concentrate when the 141st character showed up.

      You are a moron who cannot even use their own language correctly. Get an education, come back, apologise.


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