Take physic, pomp

Paraguay: ‘The Motley Fool’ changes its name…….

….to The Motley Dumbass.

The title was enough to make me cringe, “Will Brazil and Paraguay Go to War Over Itaipu?”. I was already screaming “NO OF COURSE THEY FREAKIN’ WON’T DUMBASSSSSS!” at the screen before the page opened, but when I got there it was even worse. Once again we are treated to the mental mastubations of a monolingual gringo that thinks he’s some authority on his chosen LatAm subject (in this case the massive hydroelectric station on the Paraguay/Brazil border) because he’s actually been to the place, done the 4 hour tour and read some report from the Diplomatic Courier and then some wiki page somewhere that said there might be friction over ownership of the plant and its energy production.

Believe me, Tim Hanson, you are a certified LatAm knownothing (proven by the fact you own CRESY, the world’s worst agro stock run by a bunch of Argy crooks). Also noted are the two certifiable dumbasses that actually reco’d a spacewasting musing that does far more harm than good to the knowledge pool of your financial followers. You think there’s an issue here? You pick a holiday snap and a report you filtered yesterday to make a point that there’s a global resource grab going on? And you think this is worthwhile analysis? Oh my stars.

Thus, Tim Hanson of The Motley Fool, you win this week’s coveted award. Disfrutalo, mudoculo.

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