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Paraguayan sharpshooters and Fernando Lugo

The most interesting part of a radio interview given by Fernando Lugo, now ex-President of Paraguay, this morning was when he was asked about the 17 deaths (eight police officers and nine civilians) during the land eviction disturbances that led directly to the Congressional motion for his impeachment and near immediate destitution. Lugo said that post-mortem investigations on the police show the dead were hit accurately in the head and heart, the classic modus operandi of professional sharpshooters. The implication is that the deaths during the land eviction were part of a set-up that was designed, and if so successfully, to bring about a political ruckus and the end of the Lugo presidency. In his words, “There is ample proof there were sharpshooters at the location.” Here’s the report page with a recording of the Q&A today on Argentina’s Radio Continental.

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