Take physic, pomp

Paul’s so vain, he probably thinks this post is about him

  • It’s not the fact it’s the first NR out of this embarrassing Collin Kettell (too many Ls) pump job since April.
  • It’s not the obvious “keep lights on and pay salary checks” destination of the $2m being raised.
  • It’s not even the way it’s being set up for Pump 2.0 in 121 days’ time.

All those are valid of course, but the best thing about the NR today was to remember the company existed, then revisit its website, then fall about laughing when getting to the photo of Paul Matysek

…and the fact that Paul was 20 years younger and 50 kilos lighter when that photo was taken. My stars, talk about self-delusions, another fetid lump of lard who can’t control his impulses and pretends another life.

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