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PDAC and Covid-19 update

IKN has learned today that a mining executive has contracted Covid-19, he has been hospitalized and has gone into a coma. We will not name the person due to the gravity of the situation, however it is understood that the person contracted Covid-19 at a party during PDAC.

PS: It wasn’t an easy call to publish this and if the person hadn’t contracted Covid-19 at PDAC, this post would not exist. However, it’s long past time that the people who went to PDAC realized the exposure they had. This is not fake news, the person in question is known to many in the industry, has worked for one of the big majors for many years and has been a speaker at many international conference events. He is in a serious medical condition and it feels rather intrusive to publish even these words that leave out ID and location, but the welfare of the collective is more important.

UPDATE: It is extremely irresponsible of Justin Reid to tell a select few people and not the general public.

Dear Colleagues,
I am sending this email to advise that Troilus has become aware that an attendee at our PDAC Breakfast event on Tuesday, March 3rd had been exposed to COVID-19 prior to attending PDAC.  The individual subsequently developed flu-like symptoms and is now recovering.  It has not been confirmed if he actually has COVID-19 as he has not yet received his test results, but based on what we do know it seems likely that this is the case. 
In canvassing other attendees, we are aware that at least 5 other people who attended the breakfast event have subsequently developed flu-like symptoms and one of these people is now in intensive care in the UK.  Only one of these people has had a positive test for COVID-19 and the others are still waiting for their test results.  All 5 of these people were active participants at PDAC and would have attended the conference and numerous other events so the source of transmission is not entirely clear.
It is now 16 days since the breakfast event and therefore beyond the 14-day incubation period, however having now become aware of this information, we felt it prudent to pass it on to guests who may have visited our office during PDAC.  The Troilus offices are currently closed as staff are all maintaining self-quarantine and working from home. 
This is a very challenging time and we want to extend thoughts of good health to our friends and colleagues.  Hopefully the extreme measures the government and all of us are taking will check the spread of this devastating illness sooner rather than later.
If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.
Yours Truly,
Justin Reid
Chief Executive Officer

UPDATE 2: Please note the timestamp:


March 19, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Troilus Gold Corp. (TSX: TLG;
OTCQB: CHXMF) (“Troilus” or the “Company”) confirms that an attendee at
its PDAC breakfast reception on Tuesday March  3, 2020 has tested
positive for COVID-19 and is now receiving medical attention.

Troilus offices are currently closed as staff are all maintaining
self-quarantine and working from home until further notice.  

and safety is our number one priority. Troilus is following medical
protocols from local, global and national health authorities and has
implemented staff guidelines in relation to social interactions, hygiene
and travel.
About Troilus Gold Corp.

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