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People who still fap over silver conveniently forget…

…when it suits them that the metal was the vehicle for a pump and dump scheme just a couple of years ago.

Gold has held onto much (by no means all, but much) of the price gains of pre/post crisis, silver is back to where it was. Gold has instrinsic value, y’see, silver’s just a way of playing numbers games.
It explains why silver has performed so badly, even when you forget the whupping it’s taken from gold recently (check that gold/silver ratio for more) and compare it to the best of the industrials, copper (here the HGH5 rolling futures contract, a good proxy).
But as usual, those who champion its cause and blame their failings on The Illuminati World Owners or something prefer to ignore the inconvenient truths that stare us normal people in the face. Silverbugs are the single most stupid group of investors on the planet, they make goldbugs look sane and well-adjusted. 

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