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Pershimco (PRO.v) craters

Really interesting action in Pershimco (PRO.v) today, not often does your junior exploreco go into dumpage mode the day after it gets bought out:
IKN Nerve Centre is now receiving mails asking why this might be. IKN Nerve Centre also received mails the day after the September 7th post due to this line…
Disclosure: No position in Pershimco or Orla. Or Franco Nevada, for that matter.
…because people wanted to know why I wasn’t long the stock, despite knowing it was about to get bought out. The reasons are probably related, in fact they’re probably the same reason; Cerro Quema is a piece of shit. Not my fault that Pierre doesn’t realize that yet. Pierre may have this “no lose” aura about him, but anyone who remembers how badly Dorato stank and how much cash FNV ploughed into that one will know that his big blind spot is community relations. Here we go again…

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