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Peru: an excellent source

Farid Matuk (for it is he)

Farid Matuk has a blog! Anyone who follows Peru economics, statistics and suchlike will know the name, so if you do add this link to your interwebnetpipes life.

It is (mainly) Spanish language, but I know that Matuk speaks and writes excellent English so if you are of the Castilian-challenged set and a google auto-translate leaves you wanting, there’s always the option of mailing the guy. He even has one of those fancy “ask me a question” thingies on his blog that you can use.

I’ve been slow to notice that his blog existed (it started in Jan 2009 and holds his thoughts from 2002 onwards) but as of today it’s part of the IKN blogroll over there on the right. I hope you take advantage of this resource as much as I will.

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