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Peru: An excerpt from the Perú Libre manifesto on ICSID/CIADI

Here’s the screenshot, below your author’s translation:

International Centres of Arbitration. A system of international justice at the service of transnational corporations has been created in order to achieve judicial control over commerce, which have been biased by world capital and cover their backs with layers of impunity. The World Bank’s CIADI/ICSID, The UN’s International Court of Human Rights in The Hague, The United Nations International Trade Route Alliance Commission, etc, are centres of commercial control that exercise commercial judicial control over nations. Their arbiters get rich from every case heard, ruling in favour of those that corrupt them, as well as commissions and fees from litigants, the arbiters earn between U$200,000 and U$300,000 per case. To counteract this phenomenon, the proposal is to create a Centre of Dispute Solutions at UNASUR (The United Nations of South America), or bilateral trade agreements as centres of arbitration.

And now, the real translation: When Peru sequestrates the assets of the private company on its territory and the company says “See you in court”, the country will reply, “Which court?” and refuse even to show up at ICSID.

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