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Peru: At least 23 anti-drugs police officers re-selling confiscated cocaine

The shock isn’t that they’ve been found doing it, the shock is that this is finally coming to light because everyone knows how corrupt Peru’s police force is. You’ll note however that it took a years-long investigation by an outside force, namely the US DEA, to shine light on these scumbags. 

Here’s the report, here’s a translation of how it starts:

“Thousands of recordings made during a DEA bugging program reveal that at least 23 police officers from the National Anti-Drug Directive (Dirandro) have for years been hiding cargos of drugs and stealing drugs of mafia groups in order to re-sell it. Despite the evidence, the national internal investigation by police has moved very slowly and the accused are still working in the units that are supposed to combat narcotrafficking.”

Full report here

A final thought: If you think these 23 officers were doing what they were doing without the knowledge of the higher ranks of Peruvian police, I have a bridge you may be interested in purchasing. Easy terms, low downpayment.

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