Take physic, pomp

Peru = Block

It’s the only keyword you need.

Peru plans to block homosexuals from its police force. It will also bar anyone caught having an extramarital affair. The reason for both groups beng barred is so as not to “damage the institution”. Hopefully these new laws will only apply to new recruits and not existing officers, as your humble correspondent wouldn’t like to see 30% of the country’s police out of a job so quickly.

The Peru block on flights to and from Mexico has been lifted. The mortality rate is shaping up at 1%, so even though it’s nasty it’s not the end of the wooooooooooooooorld.

The Peruvian town of Choropampa has blocked the road to Yanacocha, South America’s biggest gold mine that’s run by NEM and BVN. They are complaining about the total lack of everything aimed at them from the now famous mercury spillage nine years ago. We covered the story last year and here’s the link to the article. The basic truth is that these people are forced to break the law and bring Yanacocha to a standstill before anyone, company or government, bothers listening to them. This humble corner of cyberspace applauds Choropampa and shouts “BOO HISS” to Yanacocha. Shame on you, Newmont. Shame on you, Buenaventura.

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