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Peru: Downward GDP revisions coming thick and fast

Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

Now be honest with me, have a good close look at that chart above and ask yourself whether you can see a pattern beginning to appear :-). Follow the bouncing ball, people;
  • November 2008: President Twobreakfasts tell the annual Peru bizpeople’s conference that 2009 growth will be 6.5% and that the country’s growth is “armour-plated” against the world financial crisis.
  • January 2009: The Peruvian Central Bank revises their growth forecast downwards to 6%.
  • Later in January 2009: Yehude Simon the first official voice to say that GDP growth will be 5% in 2009. The rest soon follow.
Remember Otto’s prediction is 2.25% for 2009 and that smarter people than I are calling for 0% growth. Nuff said. DYODD and don’t believe the BS they feed you.

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