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Peru Government Minister Resigns in Protest

There is honour left amongst some of the thieves.

Carmen Vildoso, Peru’s Minister of Women and member of the Peru cabinet, has just resigned in protest over her government’s handling of the Bagua protest and particularly because of this TV spot that the government ran……

………. to explain to its hypnotized masses how (and this is a direct translation from the narrative) “22 humble police officers (were) killed with ferocity and savageness” and that “international extremists want to detain Peru”.

Those acquainted with Spanish should take the 1 minute and seven seconds it needs to witness this blatant fascist propaganda…truly it’s jawdropping and needs no extra commentary, as its own words and images condemn it far better than I ever could. I repeat; García is either too ignorant to understand why the indigenous are protesting or he’s too shamefaced to admit his grave mistake and continues in outright lies that attempt (and fail) to give good reason for the blood caked on his hands.

So back to the now ex-Minister of Women, Carmen Vildoso. She resigned in protest over the massacre and the propaganda that followed it, Prime Jerk Yehude Simon saying that Vildoso was “mortified”. Also Agro minister Carlos Leyton now says he is “evaluating his position” as minister.

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