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Peru is a third world country according to Alan García

Back in April this year, when the illegal mining that’s destroying the Peruvian Amazon jungle managed to keep the world’s attention for more than 15 minutes, President Twobreakfasts said that (we quote) “….the illegal activity (of Madre De Dios gold mining) makes us look like a backwards, third world country and leaves open the possibility to be condemned internationally for allowing this chaotic activity to take place.” He also explained how...”his government would stop the existence of the informal mining that was poisoning rivers, destroying the environment and making slaves of the youths that were dragged into the sector by the large operators.”
Since then, Madre de Dios gold production has gone straight back to where it was before the headlines got made.

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Not only that, but Peru’s gold mining industry, seeing production drops in its formal mines like Alto Chicama relies even more heavily on this scandalous export to maintain its economy. Madre de Dios gold now accounts for nearly 11.5% of all gold produced in the country.

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Third world is as third world does, Mr. President, and another thing that Peru has in common with the other third world countries is the bullshit demagogue liar and shyster it has as Head of State. But who gives a damn when we can all shout ¡VIVA INVESTMENT GRADE! as one voice?

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