Take physic, pomp

Peru: It’s no use asking the lapdog media about the state of Peru, so who can you ask?

Hey, why not ask Peruvians?

The survey by reputable firm CCR and reported in El Comercio today, also notes 32% of Peruvians with difficulty in paying for basic services (gas, water, electricity etc), lots of planned spending delayed (e.g. home improvements, vacations).

But I was glad to note that CCR also took a “happiness poll” and found that 76% of Peruvians were happy, 19% neither happy nor unhappy and 5% unhappy. As pollster Ana Cecilia Matos explained, “People say they are happy because the happiness comes from their family relations”, which explains just why the Peruvian people are so wonderful as a group and deserve far more than the pathetic governments they are offered. Remember that concept of money not buying happiness and how it isn’t the centre of the universe? Well, it still exists on this side of the Darien Gap. I always have a little chuckle to myself when I hear the industrialized nations refer to themselves as the “developed” ones.

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