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Peru Lockdown II, the need-to-know

Yesterday, interim Peru Prez Sagasti announced new measures against the Covid-19 second wave in his country, here’s what outsiders need to know:

From January 31st nine (of 23) regions go under lockdown, mainly in the central region of the country and including the most populous Lima/Callao conurbation (~10m of ~31m Peruvians).

The lockdown is slated for two weeks, ending Feb 14th, and nobody should be surprised if gets extended.

Restaurants, cafés, shops, etc all close. Churches etc close. Supermarkets and sources of food supply stay open, with 40% maximum physical attendance allowed. All restaurants, shops etc are allowed to continue with delivery services.

The population goes under social confinement. You stay inside, at home, one person per household has the right to visit a supermarket etc for food. You are also allowed one hour of outside exercise per day, with the understanding that it’s limited to a walk/run around local barrio, or similar.

The plan is designed to keep Peru’s large scale industries working, e.g. they make every effort not to close down mining again. However, some supply drag is likely from slow infrastructure and modestly lower production.

The country has its April elections in mind and will likely design any future Covid-19 restrictions around a plan to keep the election on schedule and safe.

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