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Peru, Mexico, cocaine and quote-of-the-week

The Mex Files has spotted the obvious fault in Peru’s President Twobreakfasts’ bright idea to haul over a bunch of Mexican police officers to help their fight against drug traffickers. Over 50% of Mexican police officers are officially labelled “not recommended” by their own government! But this hasn’t gone un-noticed in Peru either, and Peru’s ex-Veep Carlos Basombrío wins this week’s toppy top quote award. It is a little harsh on Evo’s crew, but all the same it must be given a wider audience:

“Asking Mexico for anti-narcotics police officers is like asking Bolivia to send us naval advisors.”

Nuff said.
Y’know, Twobreakfasts has a reputation of being worldly smart and the bearer of wise saws and modern instances*. It’s at times like these he lets down his image and shows himself to be just as big a dick as the rest of us.

*check yer Shakespeare, dude

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