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Peru: Monterrico, Majaz and the putrid stench of impunity

A sickening development has come to my attention today.

Remember the case of the torture of 29 indigenous locals at the Monterrico Metals mining camp at Majaz (now re-named ‘Rio Blanco’ to protect the image of the scum involved)?

This week CNR Peru reports that the fiscal (public prosecutor) that was present and was an eyewitness to the events, even taking part himself, has had all charges against him dropped by the Peruvian judiciary (in the parlance, his case has been ‘archived’). It all happened very quietly two weeks ago and has only come to light this week. The reason given by the putrid, corrupt judge in charge is that there “is not sufficient evidence that he was aware of the torture suffered by the members of the community”.

So please note that the corrupt judge in charge, Sofia Milla of Piura, recognizes that the 29 people were in fact tortured. However she refuses to recognize that the fiscal present, Felix Toledo Leiva, knew about the torture even though;
  • all 29 victims testified he was there
  • all 29 victims said he was an eyewitness to the brutality
  • there is photographic evidence that shows, without a shadow of a doubt, that he saw what was going on
  • the photos show him in the presence of injured and tortured individuals
  • various of the tortured individuals, including the women victims, testify that he shouted insults, made physical threats and even violently pulled the hair of one of the women

So due to the bribed judge Sofia Milla and the corrupt, money-at-all-costs APRA government of Twobreakfasts, a man who should rot in jail as an example to all walks away without a care in the world. This is the Peru that those blind morons at Fitch think is worthy of your money as investment grade.

Hat Tip to the excellent blog, Huanca York Times

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