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Peru: New polling numbers for the Presidential elections

Today, decent-enough pollster Datum published this survey and the headline numbers are about the first round of voting in the April 10th Presidential election (hey, not that far away now). Here’s the chart your humble scribe has generated from the numbers.

Toledo leads and his support is 1% up from the previous Datum poll in December. Castañeda in second place also gets one extra point (he was at 21% in December according to Datum). Keiko has dropped 2 points to 20% and is now a clear third (we remind readers that if no candidate gets 50% +1 vote on April 10th, the top two go into a run-off for the job).
Amongst the others, Ollanta is steady at 10%, PPK isn’t making much progress so far and the trainwreck that is the APRA campaign led up by Meche Araoz is reaping what it sows.

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