Take physic, pomp

Peru….. Parras….. Precisely

One of these has been the most profound influence on the
acceptance of the United States as Peru’s partner.
One of these is hated by every single Peruvian.
The other used to be a President.

This an excerpt from Guillermo Parras-Bernal’s earlybird today (here’s the link you need to see the charts he mentions)

PERU — Former President Toledo Urges Government Transparency for Anti-Crisis Plan (Comerico):President Alejandro Toledo, the former president and whose economic platform is credited with having earned the rich of Peru the honourable title of Investment-Grade bastards, suggested the government’s plan to face the crisis is being too ”optimistic´´ and that there would be a scenario where things don’t go just that fine. Maybe this lends us enough reasons to understand why Toledo was the most unpopular president Peru ever had (check graph on right-hand side); too much sincerity.

Exactly. Couldn’t put it better myself. The mark of a good wordsmith is to say a lot with just a few words.

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