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Peru: President Hat is not impeached

Here’s AP via Al Jazz:

Peru’s President Pedro Castillo has avoided an impeachment attempt, with the South American country’s Congress voting against a motion to move forward with the proceedings. The motion, which was introduced in October by right-wing parties, was voted down 76-46 on Tuesday as protests both for and against the left-wing leader filled the streets of the capital Lima.

The report continues on that link above, but…who knew before? Who knew? The IKN Weekly knew, as for two weeks the writing has been on the wall (for people who understand the country, anyway). Here’s the quick note on the issue from IKN654, last Sunday, that followed on from a longer anal ysis two weekends ago.

Peru: The Presidential impeachment process continues

I’m going to keep this short and in note form, as it’s not directly related to mining (for more, mail me if you care enough). We agree President Castillo is somewhere between naïve and inept, yes. Dumb for meeting with allies in a private house instead of at the Presidential Palace and breaking ethics rules, yes. Left wing and hated among the Lima elite, yes. And the Congressional debate on his impeachment is almost certainly going to happen, despite efforts to call it off from government friends and well-meaning opposition forces (the head of Congress is his opponent and doesn’t want the debate to go ahead, let alone the vote). So the noise will continue and if there’s some other dramatic turn of event he may even get kicked out but aside the unlikely, the whole show is more heat than light. The house call of last week has not changed and the impeachment of President Castillo is still unlikely to prosper (but my stars, the hatred for the lefty provinciano is visceral among Lima’s chattering class).

Further questions?

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