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Peru Presidential election: Final week voter intention polling says Keiko and PPK into the run-off

What happens in Peru is that in the last week before an election, polls are illegal to publish. But that doesn’t stop the polling companies from getting out there, taking voter opinion readings and then leaking them to the public. This is the one that’s doing the rounds in Peru this morning, daisyfresh:
It predicts Keiko without the votes to get to 50% +1 vote and an automatic round one win. Then PPK improving to over 20% as people move away from the also-ran candidates (Barnachea has seen his numbers fall considerably) and  into the two-horse second round run-off.  Veronika Mendoza’s late surge in the last few weeks won’t be enough to get her into the second spot and the run-off…or so this polls says.
The vote’s Sunday, we’ll have a decent idea of the result by Monday morning Americas time.

UPDATE: This morning, Latin America Daily Briefing has a note on the election run-up, the issues and implications, link to that right here. As always, an excellent job of compilation and comment from LADB, those of you who want access to LatAm current affairs in English language should read this every day (hint: get the free daily mailer)

UPDATE 2: Two more unofficial polls this evening put it at level pegging between PPK and Veronika Mendoza.

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