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Peru Presidential election run-off: Slight advantage Keiko in the polls

Here’s a list of the polls that have been published by the three main pollster companies in Peru since the end of round one voting as we move towards the June 5th run-off vote between Keiko Fujimori and Pedro Pablo Kuczynski:

  • IPSOS April: Keiko
    40%, PPK 44%
  • CPI April: Keiko
    43.6%, PPK 41.5%
  • Datum April: Keiko
    40.4%, PPK 41.1%
  • IPSOS April: Keiko
    39%, PPK 43%
  • CPI May 1st: Keiko 42.3%, PPK 40.1%
  • IPSOS May 8th: Keiko 42%, PPK 39%
  • DATUM May 12th:
    Keiko 42.3%, PPK 42.3%
  • CPI: Keiko 45.8%,
    PPK 40.2%

It was basically level pegging for the first few weeks and a technical dead-heat, which is also the message from the survey published by DATUM yesterday, but other polls such as IPSOS last weekend and CPI today show that Keiko Fujimori taking a slight lead.

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