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Peru Presidential Polls: Ollanta slips back to lows again

Ipsos is out with its monthly snapshot opinion poll reading this morning, here’s the headline poll:
And the news is that President Ollanta Humala is back at his term low of 25% after just a month of relief. The February jump came after the Hague boundary ruling, but since then we’ve seen Humala’s government decide to double ministerial salaries, give hefty raises to a whole bunch of the slimeballs that run the national and regional political scene in Peru, then go through yet another forced cabinet change. Worth noting as well that all this comes before the latest round of “we’re not approving your crappy cabinet” melodrama at Congress on Friday, which may finish with yet another new PM. Overall 25% is generous methinks, especially now that the real rulers of Peru have decided to attack their head of state and prepare the ground for their next victim.

PS: Nadine’s on 27%, her lowest rating ever. That’s likely to drop in the next poll, too.

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