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Peru re-shuffles its cabinet. Again

For those who care (and I don’t, not anymore), Prime Minister Rene Cornejo handed in his resignation due to yet another one of those TV investigation reports that dig up a scandal and as a result, the President of Peru yesterday ordered her husband, the head of state, to put a friend of hers in as the new PM and change a few ministers, too. Read about it in several English language reports, try Goggle and put in “Ana Jara” “Prime Minister” and if that doesn’t work, add “Banana Republic” and “Ollanta lame duck” to the mix.
I have a growing theory about the number of resignations due to scandals and suchlike in the halls of the Peruvian government. In rough terms, what we have is old guard politicians being re-cycled by somebody with little clue. Those old guard politicos come from the classically corrupt Peruvian political system and to have got this far up the slippery pole, are near certain to have skeletons of various shapes and sizes in their closets. But with the advent of the internet and availability of information to all, it’s getting easier and easier for opponents to dig out these nuggets and much more difficult to keep them covered up. So, as soon as these dirtbag politicos get a high level job out come the revelations of past dirty deeds or deals, or if not (as seems to be in Cornejo’s case) all the opposition need do is wait until the oldschool guy uses his (with the corrupt it’s almost always male) preferred modus operandi in order to solve a problem “in that special way” and they bag another victim.
Anyway, that’s just me and my little pet theory. What we do know for a fact is that Ollanta Humala has now burned through six Prime Ministers in the first three years of his five year tenure, which is worse than stupid. Anyone who takes this administration seriously from now on needs their head examining, the people really running the country are the people printing the newspapers.

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