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Peru to oil companies: No environmental impact studies needed for Amazon basin developments

According to Peru bizmedia Gestión today, the brand new Minister of Energy and Mining in Peru, Eleodoro Mayorga, plans to give oil companies a free pass on environmental impact studies for hydrocarbons projects in the Amazon Basin regions of the country. This move is to help accelerate investment in the O&G sector. He said (quote translated):

“Environmental Impact Studues will be eliminated for seismic activities. The industry has rules, has principles, has well-established practices and the idea is to move from permitting and bureaucracy to action.”

What could possibly go wrong? After all, we know that when left unregulated, oil companies have a history of the highest possible standards of environmental responsibility and will always voluntarily set aside a large portion of their cash to keep things all neat and tidy in environmentally sensitive zones, don’t we? Environmental watchdog groups won’t have a problem with this new proposal, I’m quite sure. Expect warm greetings from local indigenous protection groups, too. 

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