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Peru: Viva investment grade (part 14,279)

This chart (English trans Otto)……..

……. comes from this report on Caretas today that shows up close and personal, once again, that Twobreakfast’s obsession with GDP and his KY Jelly attitude to foreign direct investment have not helped Peruvians in the slightest. Note that between 2006 and 2008 and according to the official figures (i.e. this is not a case of making shit up):

  • an extra three percent of Peruvians don’t reach the minimum daily calorie intake. Put in simple terms, that’s ANOTHER 700,000 people who don’t get enough to eat. Note to those who have been to Peru for their three week aventure vacation and now consider themselves experts on the country; you are unlikely to have met these people on the Inca Trail or in that cozy four star hotel where you stayed.
  • by World Health Organization standards (not the BS stats of the Twobreakfasts gov’t), chronic malnutrition still affects 27% of the population of Peru
  • illiteracy levels are still at 10% of the adult population
  • more people have no access to running water in their homes than in 2006
  • home phones are a luxury
And the biggest takeaway from all this is that this was the supposed “boom period” in Peru, with GDP growth rates over 9%! What are these figures going to look like after our present crisis year is over? Are you beginning to understand why Twobreakfasts is such an unpopular president in Peru yet, or do you need “I am a moron” tattooed on your forehead?

Viva Investment Grade. Viva, viva, viva.

PS: for those that don’t suffer under a Castilian challenge, here’s the original table

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