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Peru’s 2011 Presidential Race: New poll numbers

Here’s the chart:

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Lord help the world, Keiko “I’m not the continuation of Fujimori policies” Fujimori (make that Fuji-Freakin-Mori) is ahead with 22% of voter intention. Second is Luis “Interesting” Castañeda and third….still creeping up…is ex-Pres Alejandro Toledo, who still has my five bucks as most likely winner right now (and I’m no real fan of his, before you say anything). Then comes the untouchable Ollanta and then the joke candidates (that moniker most definitely includes the current FinMin Araoz).

For the record, this survey was done by the basically reliable IPSOS/Apoyo people for El Comercio (notably throwing its weight behind the Toledo campaign recently). Survey sample was 1200 people from 17 cities up and down Peru between July 13th and 16th, with a margin of error of +/- 2.8%.

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