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Peru’s cabinet re-shuffle: Not if, but who

 Don Corleone:
Tom, I advised Michael. I never thought you were a bad Consigliari. I
thought Santino was a bad Don, rest in peace. Michael has all my
confidence as do you. But there are reasons why you must have nothing to
do with what’s going to happen.
Tom Hagen: Maybe I could help.
Michael: You’re out, Tom. 
The Godfather Part 2* 1
Word on the streets in Peru is that in the next few days, Ollanta Humala’s Prime Minister and cabinet chief Oscar Valdés will “be resigned” and take with him a sizable number of the ministers appointed under him. The Valdés period has been marked mainly by a confrontational attitude towards dissenting groups in Peru (start with Conga, work through the others) so the big question is who gets Valdés job, not whether he’ll stay on (cos he won’t) because the choice Humala makes will set the tone for the months to come.

*oops, ty droog

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