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Peru’s cocaine flights

I read the report by IDL Reporteros on the way in which Peru’s cocaine was being shipped out by light aircraft to a multitude of neighbouring countries earlier in the week and even though it was in Spanish, I nearly linked it up here on IKN because it was such a great bit of reporting.
But the good news is that IDL has now run an English language version of the note, which you can read here. It’s the single best thing you’ll read about South America this week, an excellent piece of investigation by reporter Romina Mella. Here’s a very small taster from the whole thing:

The costs of renting an aircraft oscillate between $20 thousand and $30 thousand per flight, while the price for use of the runway varies between $10 thousand and $20 thousand. The airstrips are used, at most, two or three times in a row by a clan. After this, the landing strip’s location is changed in order to avoid detection, according to what a source told IDL-Reporteros. “As a safety measure, just when they are arriving at the VRAE they do decide where to land. They rely on UHF radios to communicate.

Continues here

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