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Peru’s gold production: ¡La Puta Madre De Dios!

Outrage is the only word left here. Peru’s metal production numbers for October are out today and show the utter contempt this country has for its environment and the Amazon basin region of Madre de Dios (MDD). This chart shows monthly gold production from MDD:

This chart shows the percentage of the nation’s gold production coming from the wasteland it’s creating from the jungle:

So what we have is an area that is being decimated in the way you can see in these photos that is under the supposed control of a newly created environment ministry, which up to May 2010, produced around 10% of Peru’s gold. Suddenly that’s up to 18.8% of the total! Nobody cares about the destruction, just show us the freakin’ money, right Twobreakfasts? Will anybody make this into an issue? Can anybody stop this most awful of situations from getting any worse?


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