Every why hath a wherefore

Peru’s stock market inches from an all-time high (EDIT: Breaks new all-time high)

Here’s the chart of the IGBVL “General” index over at the Bolsa de Valores de Lima…

…an index stuffed to the gills with Emerging Market and Mining crunchy goodness. And with the index printing  23,800 at the time of posting today, we’re less than 1% away from an all-time high in this market (the IGBVL has got very close to, but has never broken, 24k).
So tell me again all about the English dumbass press and their confident predictions on how a Humala government would be bad for business in Peru?

UPDATE: Looks like the BVL has decided to do this all in a hurry, too. Just 90 minutes after posting that the IGBVL was at 23,800, it touches 23,900 (and it’s now at 23,884). At this rate we might get the ATH tomorrow morning.

UPDATE 2: Screw tomorrow, the IGBVL has just printed 24,019 and a new ATH today.And now just a few minutes later 24,100 and counting…full melt-up.

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