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Peru’s stock market performance: Lipsticking that pig

Your humble scribe this weekend notes a distinct uptick in the quantity of noise from the business and financial community in Lima Peru this week regarding its stock market, the Bolsa de Valores de Lima (BVL). Quick to jump on the metal-related rebound, we’re offered up the gushing headline from the State’s official Andina news agency that the “BVL shows upward trend and rises 9.59% in the last three weeks“, while the country’s main bizrag, Gestión, gives us “The BVL rises to its best level of the last three months” and tellingly, “Mining stocks in the BVL advance 15% in the last three weeks“, in which the local flunkey stockbroker is wheeled out to tell us how things look great and the future is etc etc yada yada ad infinitum zzzzzz…….
What?!? Sorry!?! Oh yeah, Peru markets, here’s the BVL’s main index the IGBVL “General”, for 2013. The S&P500 index is put in for context.
Strange how they’ve kept all silent til now about their market, is it not? 
Moral: The English language has no monopoly over financial bullshit.

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