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Peruvian Precious Metals (PPX.v): And the AGM results?

What happens is that when some company or other catches my eye it kinda eats away at me and I start sniffing around. An example is Peruvian Precious Metals (PPX.v), as after the post on its very weird commission payments on private placements as seen last week I’ve been checking out its Reg. Filings. The funny thing here is that although the AGM was nearly two months ago, the results of the voting haven’t been released by the company. 
You’d think they’d be keen on doing things the right way, and you’d also think that CIBC Mellon would be more diligent about disclosing things in the correct manner. So what’s with the vote results guys, you going to file the numbers or will it take a phone call from the BCSC before you get round to it? 
It’s almost as if they’re trying to hide something…

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