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Peruvian reality check

More claptrap from the USA’s new best regional friend, i.e. Twobreakfasts’ Peru.

February 24th: Peru Ex-Vice Minister of Commerce gives a bright and shiny interview to El Comercio, explaining how it would be great to be the supplier to Japanese industry.

February 25th: Japan’s export trade figures show a 45.7% YoY drop the country runs a record deficit and goes deeper into recession.

It’s incredible the lengths this officialist mouthpiece Comercio will go to get a positive spin on things. Yep, they featured the EX VICE minister, a nonentity named Diego Calmet (probably now at a nce cushy post with Toyota or Sumitomo or something). These people will do anything and say anything to maintain this ongoing lie.

Lilly-livered yellow-bellied political opportunists and their lapdog media are currently selling a whole country down the river in exchange for some nominal GDP growth number that is largely dependent on foreign investors coming in and extracting all profits as remittances. Peru’s pandering to the failed neoliberal policies of the United States and their corrupt banking system makes me want to vomit. Watching a whole country get raped by greedy and uncaring egoists is not much fun.

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